15 February 2012

Bantay Lansangan

Bantay Lansangan is a partnership that seeks to mobilize a multi-sectoral group composed of non-government, private stakeholders, and official development partners to work with the DPWH and other government stakeholder agencies in enhancing the delivery of quality national road services responsive to user’s needs, through more efficient and transparent use of public resources, thereby providing value for money and integrity.

The partnership will increase transparency and access to information and monitor DPWH performance in delivering national road services. It is expected to reduce transaction costs for road construction and maintenance, improve response times for maintenance, increase road user satisfaction, and improve the public perception of DPWH.

ANSA-EAP documented the Bantay Lansangan experience, the project’s conceptual design, operational framework, relationship between its secretariat and local partners, modes of partnership, and terms of engagement among partners, among others. The case study includes stories that describe the model and the experiences of local Bantay Lansangan partners in Iloilo, Kalinga, and Abra provinces.

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