12 July 2012

Citizens Query

Citizens query is part of the Social Contracts for Political Accountability, it is
"a binding written agreement between the stakeholders (i.e. those who govern and the governed) aimed at fostering transparent and accountable governance. They are tools for social accountability initiated by citizen groups to hold public officials, politicians and service providers to account for their conduct and performance in terms of service delivery, mandated responsibilities and public obligations. SCPA is aimed at ensuring regular interactive dialogue between citizen-voters and the specific government/political actor concerned, to fulfil their commitments to the development agenda defined in public platforms."

Citizens Query is the last of ANSA-EAP's Tales Tools and Techniques of Social Accountability series of videos, the others in the series are:
  1. Bantay Lansangan;
  2. Bantay Eskuwela; and
  3. G-Watch Story

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